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Currently the Qause platform is open for registrations for NGOs and Volunteers. We are currently working to capture/translate/document and digitize heart-warming stories from NGOs across India.

A social platform for volunteers, changemakers and NGOs awaits you.


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NGOs can register for a free web profile on by simply clicking the Join Us button and uploading their NGO data. 

Qause also provides FREE Content writing services and assistance on creation of your profile.

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We are here to help.

We understand your challenges and if technology is not your cup of tea, then call us at 9119333999.

Volunteer online

Digitalization is making things easier for humankind, not only to avail the resources effectively but also by providing options to give back to the society.


Volunteers can contribute directly to the work of development organizations, working on a computer, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere in the world.


​Do I get  to choose what field I want to volunteer in?

Yes, you can. We have projects suitable for your skill and time commitment. Explore these volunteer options 

  1. Telecaller

  2. Social media marketing

  3. Content Writer

  4. Translator (Regional languages)

  5. Online Class Moderator

  6. PassionGuru Mentor

PassionGuru Logo

An Initiative to bring Passion Based mentoring to the less fortunate, ONLINE!

Many dreams get crushed under the lack of facilities in lower-income households where kids with special talents and potential do not get the opportunity to explore their passions. The initiative is showing such kids a path that will groom them to enter a world where turning passion into a profession is possible.

Considering the minimal access to resources, the platform has carefully chosen artforms like Kathak, Taekwondo, Singing, Yoga, Sign Language, Sketching & Painting, Rhythm and Freestyle Dance. The advanced levels will help these kids to reach their full potential and ready for opportunities awaiting them.

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A note from our Founder

Avneesh Chhabra

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In a world surviving on technology, lets not forget the NGOs who have low online presence and the ones that have it need more visibility and better representation.

We bridge that gap by hand-holding and providing them phone assistance in their regional language to bring their presence online and enable them to take donations online as well.

Can you imagine a social platform where volunteers, donors, NGOs and change-makers come together to uplift humanity?

Lets unite for a Qause.

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